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Experience Santiniketan history, culture and nature with Sonartoree hotel collection



The most prestigious hotel in Santiniketan

Relais & Chateaux’s  history is delightful, telling of men and women who take over a charming hotel, an outstanding restaurant, and then join forces to share their enthusiasm with others. Totally different houses, all authentic and inhabited, each with its own personality, located away from towns on the road f, they were all united by shared values: top quality amenities, outstanding fine dining and their own particular ideas about the Art of Living.

This union of kindred spirits merged together to create the most prestigious hotel. Today, all sharing the same enthusiasm. “Hoteliers, restaurateurs must speak from the heart”, was many recommendation. This belief is still alive today.

Beautiful art & culture of famous terracotta’s decorated on the walls of the Hotel & Restaurant. Prantik Railway station is 2 min walking distance, a wide road connected with all surrounding places. You can enjoy Sonojhuri Hath. Visva-Bharati University is very close from here, five minutes’ drive. Kopai River, Amarkuti Handicrafts factory, Kankalitala, Fossil Park, Deer Park, PrakaritiBhavan, Tarapith, Mama Bhagnetila, Ajoy River, are nearby places.

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